From vibrant street murals, concert venues for blues and indie music, along with unique art galleries, and great food/ drinks, Deep Ellum is the neighborhood to be. Explore the many options that this neighborhood has to offer.

Your Guide to Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum’s Famous Food:

The streets are lined-up with chef-driven restaurants that will knock you off your feet. This isn’t just our opinion. Renowned Guy Fieri from the Food Network agrees that some of these restaurants are worth a visit.

  • BBQ at Pecan Lodge : Dallas’ most award-winning BBQ with a variety of smoked meats sides and deserts. However, be prepared to stand in line for a wait. This restaurant is a local favorite as well as a popular spot for tourists.
  • Burger at Twisted Root Burger: From tasty burgers to boozy shakes, this is your stop for a traditional meal taken to a wild level. Why wild? We don’t have another way to describe your meat choices. From ground beef, black bean patties and chicken to exotic meats like Kangaroo, Ostrich and Camel meat, every bite will leave you in awe. If the meat options excited you, keep in mind that you can customize your burger to your liking. From beer-sautéed onions to guacamole and peanut butter, your options are endless. Wash it down with a delicious boozy milkshake like Oreo & Amaretto or a non-alcoholic option like the Fat Elvis.
  • Pizza at Cane Rosso: From the most authentic Neapolitan style pizza in Texas that’s cooked within the wood-fired ovens in less than 90 seconds with house made dough and fresh pasta, you’ll be able to experience a traditional Italian experience deep in the heart of Texas.
  • Asian Noodles at Monkey King Noodle Company: In the middle of all this street art, you’ll find authentic Chinese street food. From savory noodles to delicious dumplings, Monkey King is the place to be if you’re looking for a change from your usual cuisines.

The Best Dessert Spots in Deep Ellum:

This neighborhood just keeps getting better! Too top off the amazing food options, this neighborhood offers some amazing desert as well.

  • Boozy Popsicles at at Picole Pops: Cool off with Brazillian-Style popsicles. Choose from fruity, creamy, filled, and boozy deserts and leave with your taste buds thanking you for such a delightful experience.
  • Fine Pies at Emporium Pies: Emporium Pies are a delicacy in Dallas. With an exquisite menu and rich flavors, the decadent pies are bound to bring a smile to your face.

Deep Ellum Drinks and Nightlife:

If for some reason you can’t make your way over during the day, or perhaps you’ve decide to stay all day and enjoy the nightlife in this neighborhood (very common), you need to make your way over to some of our favorites.

  • Craft beer at Deep Ellum Brewing Company: If you’re a craft beer lover, you’ll love Deep Ellum Brewing company. Kick back and enjoy some of Dallas’ favorites.
  • Rooftop bar at Stirr: Although the “rooftop” is on the second floor, you still get a nice view of downtown. Enjoy a froze, or a giant Moscow mule for sharing (this drink is massive)! Not only is Stirr great for their selection of cocktails and DJ on the upper level, but this restaurant is also a great pick for brunch or dinner.
  • Courtyard chiin at Dot’s: Dot’s Hop House & Cocktail Courtyard is a local favorite for those who want to escape the party-goers. This industrial style bar with spacious courtyard is a great place to pick back with your friends and have a couple of drinks.

The Street Art of Deep Ellum:

This neighborhood offers self-guided tours of the area’s 42 different murals. From the famous Ellumphants mural on Elm Street, to quirky murals on Commerce Street, there is no place in Dallas that is more “instagramable” than Deep Ellum.

Shopping in Deep Ellum

As unique as this neighborhood is, the shops are just as unique. From tattoo shops, to devil music, to a rubber stamp company and more, Deep Ellum will continue to surprise you with its quirky finds.

  • Endless candy and soda at Rocket Fizz: This retail shop is truly a favorite and one that will leave your eyes boggled. Find a huge selection of candy & creative bottled sodas. Weather you haven’t seen a brand in years, or ever in your life, this shop holds an amazing collection of sweets.
  • Vintage gifts at Life of Riley: This charming gift and home shop is becoming a local favorite. Find quirky cards, sandalwood candles, and more unique gift ideas.


Planning on visiting Dallas soon? View your Dallas-Fort Worth guide and book your accommodations here. If you’re wanting to stay close to Deep Ellum in Dallas, we recommend The Statler Dallas or visit our hotels page for a list of all the hotels in the DFW area.

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