Most people familiar with Puerto Rican or Latin American art would recognize Wichie Torres’ name in an instant. Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, the inimitable Torres has relocated from Puerto Rico to Mexico, and even as far as New York City, to further his education in the arts. With extensive artistic training from the best in the field under his belt, he relocated back to his hometown of Ponce at last. Little did Torres know that great fame awaited him upon his return back to Puerto Rico. By the time he returned home to La Isla del Encanto, he found his artwork exhibited far and wide across the island in famous cafes and the homes of Puerto Rican celebrities.

Like many Puerto Rican natives, Wichie’s love for his homeland runs deep. One of Torres’ artistic cornerstones is creating artwork that demonstrates what it means to be Puerto Rican. Regarding the island’s culture, Wichie explains “many times it is not exported, it doesn’t go out of here. It stays closed. But through visual artists, musicians, through the poets, it has emerged and crossed the sea.” It’s artists and creators like Wichie who have been instrumental in the spread of Puerto Rican culture far beyond the Caribbean Sea. He believes his artwork serves as a vehicle, giving the world an inside view of “what happens here daily and what the outside world often does not know.”

Perhaps why so many people are drawn towards Torres’ artwork is his distinctive style. An intuitive artist largely inspired by his emotions, Wichie skips the sketching and jumps straight into painting based on instinct. The result is passionate and spontaneous pieces depicting the scenery, music, and people of Puerto Rico, his carry-on bag being a perfect representation of these three elements combined.

Wichie utilized the “colors of the Caribbean” as a principal inspiration for his Carry On Puerto Rico bag. “I got inspired to make this carry-on taking into consideration all that we have, all the cultural values that we have, all the values in our products, all the emblematic values. [I then] put them in this suitcase, where we are carrying the message there,” he continues. Widely recognized for his use of bright colors and daring textures, most people familiar with Wichie’s work would claim that you can recognize a Wichie Torres original from a mile away. Balancing complexity with simplicity, which he executes through short brushstrokes of plaster paint, there is no limit to his talent or abilities. His unmistakable style has led him to receive over 250 awards for his body of work, and allowed him to hold over 400 expositions thus far. Among his most famous pieces are his “Costumbriso” paintings, which feature both impressionist and surrealist stylistic elements.

An irreplaceable member of the Hilton family, Wichie Torres joined the Hilton Carry On Puerto Rico Sweepstakes as a direct result of his love for Hilton Hotels. Frequenting the hotel for over two decades, it’s no wonder Torres considers Hilton Ponce to be a second home. “This is a place that I always recommend, always, not only in a special season” claims Wichie, regarding Hilton Ponce, “I feel at home. As if I were at the home of a close relative, because they offer friendship there, they offer service and they offer everything a visitor is looking for.” For a chance to win Wichie’s remarkable carry-on and a stay at his beloved Hilton Ponce, be sure to participate in Hilton’s Carry On Puerto Rico Sweepstakes!

For a chance to win Wichie’s remarkable carry-on and a stay at his beloved Hilton Ponce, be sure to participate in our Carry On Puerto Rico Sweepstakes!

Learn more about Wichie’s work at and follow Wichie on Instagram at @wichietorresart.

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