You’ve planned your trip, packed your carry on, made your way to the airport, and arrived at La Isla del Encanto. By all accounts, you’re as ready as you’ll be for your Puerto Rico spring break vacation. While the beach may sound especially alluring during these final winter weeks, there’s so much more to explore on the island in order to make the most of your trip. Read on for our tips to maximize your Puerto Rican spring break!

Puerto Rico is a top destination for Spring Break vacation.

While San Juan and its colorful streets may get most of the attention, Ponce, located on Puerto Rico’s southern coast, deserves equal recognition. The second largest city on the island, Ponce offers stunning ocean vistas, colonial landmarks and castles, and not to be overlooked, world-class golf (at our very own Hilton Ponce Golf Casino Resort!). For those looking to see world-famous art, make your way over to El Museo de Arte de Ponce, home to the largest collection of European Art in the Caribbean. If the art scene isn’t for you, catch a ferry from Ponce and cruise your way over to Caja de Muertos, an uninhabited island off Ponce’s coast for a day spent turtle watching or beachside on one of the island’s pristine beaches.

Tanks of Flamenco Beach
Culebra: one of Puerto Rico’s best kept secrets. This small but gorgeous island was once home to US Navy testing, and has since left behind some World War II artifacts. The tanks, left beachside on Flamenco Beach, remain where they once operated and are now a permanent fixture on the island. Covered in graffiti, some of the tanks are now works of art, however the tanks are constantly subject to new hands, so don’t expect to find the same art you see online or have seen in the past!

Cemi Museum
Does the word “Taíno” ring a bell? If it doesn’t, we’re here to help. The Taíno were the indigenous people of Puerto Rico (and many of the islands throughout the Caribbean), who had both a robust culture and religion. At the time of first contact with Spaniard explorers, the Taíno population was estimated to be over one million. As much of the population was decimated with foreign-brought disease, all that was left behind were a small population and many artifacts. Among such remains are the Cemi Museum, which is housed within a large-scale symbolic work. Explore the inside and find many Taíno cemis, a petroglyph mural, and many other ancient artifacts.

Casa Bacardí
Let’s face it: no spring break trip to Puerto Rico is complete without some rum. And what better way to enjoy some of the island’s world-famous rum than at its own distillery, located on the outskirts of San Juan! The factory, which still produces over 100,000 bottles each day, makes for the perfect afternoon activity. Take a tour of the grounds, learn about the history of this (still!) family owned company, then conclude your tour at the bar, where you can sample any of the delicious rum’s you learned about during your time at Casa Bacardí.

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