Beautiful + Balanced is a Baltimore community rooted in Fitness, Nutrition and Mental Wellbeing. Our passion is to provide each one of our members with a safe place to find information, ask questions and build lasting relationships. We hold monthly meet ups in partnership with local trainers, nutritionists and local businesses. Each meetup has a particular theme, ready to excite and inspire our members to learn and talk about how it applies to their own story. We hope you like our quick in-room and travel-friendly workouts below. Check out our website for more workouts, recipes and need-to-know articles.

Tip: all workouts can be done with or without weights. If you don’t have free weights on the road, substitute your suitcase, a book, or full water bottles in a pinch. Don’t forget to stretch before and after your workout and only do workouts that are comfortable for your fitness level and current state.

Beginner level – try to complete the set 1-3 times all the way through with as few breaks as possible.

Beginner 1:

–       10 Squats

–       10 Toe Taps

–       10 Jumping Jacks

–       10 Push Ups

–       5 Burpees

Beginner 2:

–       10 Glute Bridges

–       20 Mountain Climbers

–       10 Reverse Crunches

–       10 Plank Ups

–       10 Burpees


Intermediate level – try to complete the set 3-5 times all the way through breaking for water half way through.

Intermediate 1:

–       20 Squats

–       20 Mountain Climbers

–       16 Alternating Shoulder taps

–       16 Walking Lunges (8 on each side)

–       10 Push Ups

–       20 Jumping Jacks

Intermediate 2:

–       20 Glute Bridges

–       20 Plank Jacks

–       20 Toe Taps

–       20 Jumping Jacks

–       20 Bicycles

–       1 Minute Plank


Expert level – you will notice higher reps: try to complete the set 3-5 times. Listen to your body!


–       20 Jump Squats (soft landing for those knees and your neighbors below you)

–       10 Inverted push-ups (use the side of your bed)

–       20 Reverse lunges (10 each leg)

–       10 Tricep dips (using coffee table or couch)

–       20 Russian Twists

–       Side Plank (30 seconds – 1 minute each side)


Post workout:

Make sure to refuel your body with plenty of water, protein and yes, carbs! Enjoy your travel and stick to your goals. It’s all about balance!

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