It’s a well-known fact that humans are made up of 70% water, but Texans are made up of 70% queso. All jokes aside, finding the best queso in any city is a hard task, and we’ve searched high and low for our favorites here in Houston. Check out our list below and drift away into cheesy exaltation.


I took a poll in my hair salon (where some of the best food advice in Houston can be found – seriously) and Torchy’s was our number one queso crave. This Austin-invented staple has been slinging mouthwatering tacos and queso for over a decade, and their yellow queso has all of the elements that you’re looking for: smooth, creamy, and spicy (thanks to that diablo sauce swirl). Grab the ‘Hillbilly Queso’ – their regular queso with an added dash of chorizo – for that Texan zing.

La Grange

White queso is my jam. I love a good yellow queso…or any queso, really…but white queso and I are soulmates. There’s one thing that everyone that’s been to La Grange tells you (actually, they yell it at you), “GET THE QUESO!” And they’re right, queso and a boozy drink are a pairing made in Texan heaven. Thick and smooth, this mild white queso will have you licking the bowl.

Pappasito’s Cantina

There’s so much to love about Pappasito’s! The Pappas family knows good food (all the food…just every genre), but their Mexican food is definitely something special. No meal is complete without an order of their queso. Yellow queso infused with tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and just a little something secret all meld into a whirlpool of glory too delicious to leave uneaten.

El Rey

El Rey is a Houston institution, and I firmly stand behind my love of their unassuming bowl of cheesy perfection. In a town where it seems like everyone is trying to fancy up queso, El Rey serves you a downhome rendition that you could eat all day. Thick with just the right amount of pico, this queso perfectly pairs with any El Rey taco, or their crisp and salty chips.

La Tapatia

Now for something a little different: queso flameado. One thing I love about food lists are the ‘dark horses’, those unexpected additions to any list that make you go, ‘oooh!’ La Tapatia’s Queso Flameado with chorizo is our surprise. Super thick cheese is melted in a skillet until bubbly and generously sprinkled with chorizo. Served with tortillas instead of chips (thanks to the thickness of the cheese) this is a must try for any true cheese connoisseur.


With our solid list of quesos, you’re all set to have your own taste test trial. For additional ideas and articles for your vacay or staycay in Houston, head on over to

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