Located at the easternmost point of the Caribbean, right below the Lesser Antilles, Barbados offers a variety of beautiful beaches. You will be able to find tranquil waters to enjoy the peace and quiet, but you can also find rough waters better suited for extreme sports like surfing. Check out the best beaches in Barbados that will make you want to come back every vacation.

When visiting Barbados, make sure to take advantage of the beautiful beaches.

Bathsheba Beach
Known for its rocky waters, Bathsheba is home to to surf contests. This beach is actually the surfing capital of Barbados and is also known as a “soup bowl”. However, this beach also invites people who enjoy snorkeling or sunbathing, as there are pools and reefs with a more tranquil vibe. There’s no denying the landscape here is absolutely wild, and makes it a staple of the island.

Folkestone Beach
This beach is perfect for those who enjoy calm waters and gentle waves. The beach is part of a marine park and museum, which allows it to stay well-kept and clean. There are different water activities for people to engage in, such as kayaking and paddle boarding. There is also an artificial reef – the Stavronika shipwreck – which is located about 120 ft. below water less than half a mile away from the shore. Divers, you will want to check this one out!

Bottom Bay Beach
Located in the south coast of Barbados, this pink-sand cove has the most amazing views you can imagine. The beach that meets the cliffs is where you can see a bunch of palm trees, which seem to be posing for a picture. Bathing in this beach is not recommended since the water can get to be rough and the waves pretty strong. However, this is the perfect place for a picnic with the family to enjoy the sunset and take pictures of the view.

Silver Sands Beach
This beach is known to be windy, and therefore the perfect beach for extreme sports such as windsurfing. In fact, Silver Sands beach is the internationally recognized world-class beach for windsurf, and it even hold the Waterman Festival every February. In this festival, aficionados compete in different surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing contests. If you are a (skilled) adrenaline junkie, you must visit this one.

Mullins Beach
If adrenaline and extreme sports is not your thing, there is nothing to worry about. Barbados has Mullins Beach – one of the most popular and safest ones in the island. This is a great beach to relax in a beach chase or taking a swim in the roped off area. There is a beach bar for grabbing something to eat or drink and you can rent snorkel equipment to explore these peaceful waters.

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