The Bahamas is one of the most popular places in the Caribbean. With more than 700 islands to choose from, this country offers quite a number of beaches. Due to the islands being spread out among 760 miles, you’ll want to take ferry’s and even small planes to get from one island to the other.  If you enjoy soaking up sun while laying on a beach towel, playing volleyball in the sand, or taking a swim in the crystal clear water you should head over to The Bahamas. Here are the best beaches in The Bahamas for you to visit.

With more than 700 islands to choose from, this country offers quite a number of beaches.

Radio Beach, Bimini
Ever since the opening of Hilton at Resorts World Bimini, the popularity of this island has spiked. Radio Beach is conveniently located closely to the resort and is blessed with light blue waters and a long, slight slope. You might have seen the famous Gallant Lady shipwreck in pictures online. Well, this beach is the place of this shipwreck, making it a perfect set for both adventurous as well as relaxing pictures.

Gold Rock Beach, Grand Bahama Island
Located inside the Lucayan National Park, Gold Rock Beach is postcard material: the sand is white and smooth, and the water is perfectly blue and clear. It’s about the length of a football field wide at a low tide, which is perfect to bring the kids or simply to take long walks in shallow water. Another pro of this beach is its solitude – it’s usually pretty vacant which is great if you are looking for a little bit of seclusion. To get there, you’ll walk through a beautiful mangrove path that will let you see some of The Bahamas’ natural flora and fauna.

Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island
This place is magical, not only for the beautiful beach but for the dark blue sinkhole in the water. With an 80-mile shoreline, there’s endless locations to settle down to enjoy the beach. But if you’re feeling adventurous (and have the right training) you can jump off the underwater cliff and do freediving. Did you know Dean’s Blue Hole is the second-deepest saltwater sinkhole in the world?

Sandy Toes, Rose Island
This 11-mile-long island is not too far away from Nassau (only 4 miles outside of Nassau Harbour), and has secluded coves and long stretches of uninhabited beaches. Sandy Toes is the beach you want to go to if you’re feeling like you want to party and socialize. Every Sunday, the beach gets filled with boats and people who want a lively ambiance. During weekdays, the beach can get to be more of a relaxing location to getaway without complete and total isolation.

Pink Sand Beach, Harbour Island. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Pink Sand Beach, Harbour Island
As its name suggests it, this beach is covered in pale pink sand. Unlike in other parts of the world, this sand always remains cool, which is pretty great when it’s 12 PM and the heat from the sun is making you want to get up and head to the water (say goodbye to burned feet!). This beach is popular for being very romantic, given the beautiful color. Horseback riding and snorkeling are pretty popular here so if you’re into that, definitely check out this beach.

Tropic of Cancer Beach, Exumas
Its name comes from the Tropic of Cancer – it runs directly through this beach. This beach is famous for being the location where the first movie of Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed. Because sometimes it gets windy in here, the water is more wavey that the other Bahamian beaches. The water is crystal clear – so much that you’ll be able to see the little fish swimming near you. Getting there is an adventure, since you must drive through an unpaved road. So if you’re feeling adventurous and want a picture perfect beach, head over to the Tropic of Cancer Beach.

Guana Cay, Abacos
Located just 185 miles east of West Palm Beach, FL, Guana Cay offers a sense of seclusion. People usually come here for sailing, snorkeling, diving and fishing, and some rent properties at the beachfront. The reefs in Guana Cay contain healthy beautiful corals, and if you’re lucky you can even spot turtles. Plus, there is a beach bar and grill called Nippers where you can eat delicious Bahamian food and you get a more of a social experience. You get the best of both worlds: seclusion and socialization all within the same cay!

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