Celebrity chefs Geoffrey Zakarian and Michael Schulson love a memorable surf & turf meal during the summer. The chefs share their expert tips for creating the perfect surf & turf dishes as well as their favorite surf & turf spots in Miami. If you’re visiting South Florida, stop by Geoffrey’s Coastal American restaurant, Point Royal, as well as Michael’s Japanese Izakaya restaurant, Monkitail – both located at The Diplomat Beach Resort.

Point Royal has received several high profile awards including Hottest Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale by EATER Miami while Monkitail has been recognized by USA Today as the #1 Best Hotel Restaurant.

Surf & Turf Tips from Chefs Geoffrey Zakarian & Michael Schulson:

  • “For me, have one or the other first. Preferably the seafood chilled like oysters or lobster on the half shell and then a well marbled piece of prime beef right after with some creamed spinach. Now that’s a match made in heaven!” – Geoffrey Zakarian
  • “Start with the best quality fish and meat and cook them separate since they don’t cook at the same rate.” – Michael Schulson


Geoffrey Zakarian’s favorite steak dish at Point Royal:

  • The Creekstone Rib Eye – when we can get our hands on it it’s on the menu. It’s corn and grass-fed, and absolutely succulent!

Michael Schulson’s favorite seafood dishes at Monkitail:

  • Tuna Rice Cracker – it’s a favorite that people who don’t eat raw fish, always love.
  • Hot Hamachi – such a unique dish that has so many flavors and textures.
  • All the sushi – we use warm rice to go with the cold fish so it’s just an amazing balance of flavors and texture.

Below are Geoffrey and Michael’s recommendations for where to grab a memorable surf & turf meal in Miami: 

  • I recently had a delicious prime sirloin at The Surf Club as well as excellent oysters and crudités to begin! – Geoffrey Zakarian
  • For delicious seafood dishes I would recommend Milos or Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami. – Michael Schulson

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