The southernmost nation in the Caribbean, Trinidad & Tobago is an essential place to explore on your Caribbean bucket list. The country boasts two separate islands, Trinidad and Tobago, each complete with their own distinct characteristics. Despite this, the dual-island nation has much in common, especially when it comes to cultural heritage. Trinidad & Tobago is a true melting pot, and nowhere does this manifest as evidently as in its local cuisine. Drawing from West-African and Arab culture to Chinese, Indian and Latin heritage, the local food can best be described as being as eclectic and vibrant as the varied cultures which influenced it. Read on for our guide to the most delicious food from Trinidad!

Trinidad & Tobago is an essential place to explore on your Caribbean bucket list, partially due to its delicious cuisine.

It’s 7AM and you’ve just woken up at the Hilton Trinidad Hotel and Conference Centre. It’s time for a hearty breakfast to fuel a busy day ahead! Exploring the streets of Port of Spain, you’ll come across several Trinidadian breakfast staples. Among the more popular dishes you’ll find is sadi roti, which comes complete with a host of ingredients and spices including curry bodi (otherwise known as long beans), okra, eggplant, tomatoes, seasoned pumpkin, some potatoes and fried plantains.

One of the nation’s most beloved fast food breakfast items, doubles are also a must try. A sandwich made of bara – a light, airy bread – with chickpeas and tamarind or mango chutney and spices, doubles are a delectable breakfast dish you can’t (and shouldn’t!) miss.

Lunch and Dinner
There’s no shortage of delectable dishes to enjoy for lunch and dinner while vacationing in Trinidad. Widely considered the most famous dish in the nation, pelau is a must-try. While a simple dish made of rice with meat and vegetables, it’s exemplary of the island’s rich cultural heritage. Originating in Persia, and undergoing modifications per West-African cooking traditions and British-Indian spices and flavors, the dish now has an identity of its own, one that’s truly unique to Trinidad.

If you’re looking for a decadent, savory dish, look no further than Trinidad’s traditional macaroni pie. This delicious, albeit heavy dish is made with handmade tubular pasta and glued together by a combination of eggs, milk, and no shortage of cheese. Macaroni pie is a dish the entire family will love, take our word for it!

Street Food:

If you find yourself wandering the streets of Port of Spain and are feeling hungry, you’re in good hands; Trinidad’s street food is among the world’s best. Trinidad’s cultural legacy is incredibly present among the local street food, with heavy Indian (think doubles, saheena, aloo pie, samosas and roti wraps), Chinese (wontons) and Spanish (pasteles) influences. Be sure to try saheena, made of callaloo- a spinach type lettuce- with split pea batter and complete with tamarind or mango. Don’t say we didn’t tell you so!

Come to Trinidad for the lush jungles, stay for the food. No matter what meal or time of day, enjoying some local Trinidadian cuisine will be a hallmark of your trip, we guarantee it!

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