I am so not a foodie. In fact, my idea of culinary experimentation is gorging on chicken in green chili sauce at 7 am from the bountiful breakfast buffet at Hilton Los Cabos, our go-to resort in this gorgeous region of Mexico.

You don’t have to be a foodie, however, to love Flora Farms, a farm-to-table restaurant about 15 minutes from the town of San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. My family went twice during our last visit to the area, once for lunch and once for dinner. The food is fresh, simple and the environment and ambiance can’t be beat. Although upscale in many ways, Flora Farms is a great place to dine with kids!



The first time we went to Flora Farms in 2015, we made our reservations six months in advance since we were traveling around the winter holidays. It’s not necessary to reserve that early in advance, but I would book as early as possible using their online reservation system. You choose your date and time and will be notified by email once your reservation is confirmed. The restaurant is closed on Mondays.


Budget at least 30 minutes to get to Flora Farms from Hilton Los Cabos and nearby resorts and at least 45 minutes if you are staying in bustling Cabo San Lucas. If you are driving yourself, be prepared for about 5-10 minutes on an unpaved curvy road.

We have taken our rental car twice (including in the dark) and had no problems, but it is not for the faint at heart. Just drive slow and sober! I have heard that taxi rides from the Hilton can be over $100 (round-trip) so ask around.


If at all possible, book your table for an early reservation (5 or 5:30 pm) so your family can admire and walk around the beautiful farm before your meal. You can also arrange a tour. Or go for lunch or breakfast/brunch. The lunch menu is less expansive, but pizzas are available (a popular choice for kids).


Flora Farms is not cheap. In our three visits, we have never been offered a kids menu, but a delicious wood-fired thin crust pizza or roasted chicken meal can easily be split between two kids.

Many of the main entrees are in the $25 to $35 range, cocktails are about $12, and wine costs are also quite high. The price, however, is worth it since the quality of the food and service is wonderful. Credit cards are accepted.


I have seen people wear everything form sun dresses to shorts, t-shirts and flip flops to Flora Farms. The vibe is decidedly relaxed and I would say anything goes.


Options abound at Flora Farms. For dinner during our last visit, our server presented us with a pizza menu; a cocktail and drink menu; a main dinner menu containing appetizers, salads and entrees; the market menu which included a wide range of charcuterie plates and other entrees; and a chalkboard menu with a handful of daily specials.

The menu is quite heavy on pork and chicken, which are both raised at Flora Farms. Vegetarians will be delighted with the pasta and salad options, including a barrata that receives high marks. Carb lovers (present company included) will fall in love with the bread basket which includes sourdough and whole grain with farm butter, presented within minutes of your arrival. Portions are generous so consider sharing several dishes.


Dining with kids at Flora Farms is a delight. My 13-year old daughter is a huge fan and is enthralled by the tiny details and décor that make the restaurant so truly magical. Although the food may not be oriented towards children’s palettes, your child will not leave hungry. The Shirley Temples are top-notch, and there is plenty of room to run around, plus ice cream for dessert. Pets are also welcome.

This article was originally published by Hilton Mom Voyage.

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