South Florida has a variety of restaurants where guests can sample different types of fare, and Japanese is not the exception in this growing multicultural market. Among the best Japanese restaurants is celebrity chef and restaurateur Michael Schulson’s Monkitail, that within its first year of opening in 2017 was awarded Best Hotel Restaurant by USA Today.

Celebrity chef and restaurateur Michael Schulson explains, “I’ve always loved South Florida and have been waiting for the right opportunity. When Brookfield approached me to open a restaurant in The Diplomat Beach Resort, it was really a no-brainer. It is such an iconic hotel, and the partnership has been wonderful. I’m fortunate to be able to work with some of the best local ingredients in the country at the two unique concepts we created – Monkitail and Nokku. Both have been extremely well received by locals and visitors alike – and a few awards never hurt!”

Schulson shares his top five favorite things to do in the Hollywood area:

Bal Harbour Shops

  • I love to shop at Bal Harbour. There’s always a great selection at the shops: from shirts to sneakers from Vince and Gucci, to Prada and Kiton. 
    Cafe Martorano

  • Dinner at Cafe Martorano is lots of fun with the music and overall ambience. I like to take the team at Monkitail to a nice Italian dinner when I’m in town.
    Intercoastal Waterway

  • One of the best ways to relax for me is taking a boat ride with friends on the Intercoastal and smoking a nice cigar.
    Miami Juice, Sunny Isles Beach

  • The lunch at Miami Juice is delicious! They have the best Israeli Salad with Tuna.
    Hollywood Beach

  • My wife, Nina, and I love taking long walks along Hollywood Beach whenever we can.
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