Small City, Big Personality

St. John’s, Newfoundland, is the most easterly of all Canadian cities. In fact, it’s so far into the Atlantic that it has its own time zone – 30 minutes ahead of the rest of the Atlantic provinces.

St. John’s is also the foggiest city in Canada and it’s the dramatic weather that makes the city’s rolling hills and brightly painted houses all the more pleasing. Playful colors are a reflection of the people who live here – affable, hard-working, and talkative. Get to know the locals and you’re unlikely to leave St. John’s without a story or two. You also shouldn’t leave Newfoundland’s capital without spending an evening in the entertainment district of George Street – two full blocks of pubs, bars, and restaurants. Ask about the ritual of being “Screeched in.” It’s a tradition that will render you an honorary Newfoundlander – but first you’ll have to drink a shot of rum (Newfoundland Screech), and kiss a real cod.