The stunning island nation Aruba is a popular destination year round. The white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters endlessly entice tourists, making Aruba one of the top vacation spots in the Caribbean. Did you know that Aruba is home to one of the best natural pools? This remote location is one for the whole family to enjoy and something you can’t miss on your next trip. Read on for our guide to the natural pool in Aruba!

Alto Vista Chapel near Noord, Aruba.

Arikok National Park
In order to reach wondrous Conchi natural pool you must first venture into Arikok National Park. This national park is highly protected and considered a treasure to the island of Aruba, so much so that the protected national park region accounts for 20% of the entire island. The small park entrance fee goes right back into the protection and education of the land here. While making your way through the park you’ll come across no shortage of attractions, caves, lava rock formations, limestone, dried river beds and tons of other eye catching phenomena. In this lush and beautiful landscape you can take various different tours, all equally enjoyable.

Natural Pool Tours
There are tons of different tours you can take depending on your preferred adventure intensity. For thrill seekers who are interested in exploring the rough terrain of the Aruba coast, consider the ATV tour an excellent option! On this tour, you will ride beach-side until you reach the cool blue natural pool called Conchi, where you can take a refreshing dip after your rocky ride.

If ATVing isn’t really your thing, there are jeep adventure tours where you or a guide will drive you through Arikok National Park. Here, you can see everything the park has to offer in the most exciting way possible. This off-road tour takes you on rugged terrain and stops at each landmark along the way. There is only one road that takes you through Arikok to Conchi, and the exciting drive is about 1 hour long. Once you arrive, the tour gives you plenty of time to snorkel or swim in Conchi and along Baby Beach.

If you prefer a bit of exercise and ease of exploration, hiking all the way to the pool is also possible! From the visitors center, the hike to the coast is about 3.5 miles. This is not an easy feat since the beating sun and tropical weather add to the difficulty, but for experienced hikers who love the challenge, we recommend wearing the right gear and packing plenty of extra water.

Conchi natural pool, located inside Arikok National Park.

Dip Into Conchi
Conchi natural pool is a must-see on your next visit to Aruba and the ultimate reward at the end of your tour. The pool is lined with unique volcanic rock formations creating an encompassing circle of boulders. This one-of-a-kind rock formation protects the swimming hole from the coastline waves, producing a relaxing environment among the rough tide. Water shoes are recommended, since the rocks leading up into the 17 ft deep pool tend to get slippery. The pool itself is always pristine, and the cool waters combined with the small waves allow for a great swimming experience. Jump off the cliff and dive in or float at the surface. Whichever way you choose to enjoy the Conchi natural pool, you won’t regret it.

After your adventurous trek and fun experience at the pool, it is time to head back to your resort. Just a short drive away on Palm Beach is Hilton Aruba Resort and Casino, where you can enjoy a relaxing evening in your suite or continue the fun at the casino. After a day filled with fun and wonder at the natural pool in Aruba, you can always rest easy at Hilton.

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