As we at Little Baby’s Ice Cream are fond of incanting, Ice Cream is a Feeling. In the summer months, this feeling is inescapable. Ice Cream and other frozen treats are Omnipresent, and opportunities for spontaneous dessert are plentiful. One can’t step outside without hearing the siren song of cold refreshment. As autumn begins, the sun recedes, and life accelerates, Ice Cream must be deliberately sought out.

Some would say Ice Cream is a summertime amusement, and once sweater weather takes effect, Ice Cream season is over. These people are wrong. When the fair-weather fans leave off, true Ice Cream Aficionados pick up. Ice Cream is a delicacy to be enjoyed year-round, and each season ushers in a new selection of flavors to be explored. Autumn, in particular, brings a cornucopia of inspiration to our kitchen, which is soon reflected in our menus.

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Speculoos, one of our flagship offerings, is particular responsive to the Autumnal Pumpkin Zeitgeist. The word Speculoos (pronunciations vary) is immediately familiar to many Dutch Holidayers, Trans-Atlantic Flight Passengers, and Cookie Butter Consumers. Our similarly-named Ice Cream is transformed by the addition of a Pumpkin Base. While the unelaborated version is a proven Crowd Pleaser, Pumpkin Speculoos offers a more complex flavor profile intended to be savored.

Image by Carolyn Brandt for LBIC


Never ones to shy away from a theme, our kitchen’s fall schedule includes a variety of Pumpkin-Inspired and -Adjacent offerings. Pumpkin Latte (speaking of zeitgeist) is a sublime combination of Pumpkin, Coffee, and Ice Cream that also makes for an excellent milkshake. Pumpkin Curry, despite it’s unusual ingredients, was one of our earliest flavors. Fortunately for us all, it’s still quite popular.

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While Pumpkins and Sweet Potatoes are biologically distant, they are often neighbors in the American Culinary Landscape. While Pumpkin Pie is a holiday tradition for some, Sweet Potato Pie is found at many gatherings. Our Sweet Potato Burnt Marshmallow takes inspiration directly from that classic dessert, with a Sweet Potato base and hand-burnt Vegan Marshmallows.

Image by Rick Rein for LBIC


Of course, for some, seasonal gourds and roots have no appeal. For those, the joy of Autumn is not in a particular flavor or traditional milestone. Some folks just look forward to enjoying a late breakfast on a chilly morning. For them, we humbly present Coffee, Peanut Butter, & Toast: A full-bodied fusion of those three things in one Ice Cream, and a perfectly suitable breakfast.

Ice Cream may be a “sometimes” food, but is there a wrong time to enjoy it? Is there any experience which Ice Cream can’t sweeten? The answer to both of these questions is no. As we continue to prove that hypothesis, we encourage you to join us for a Taste Test. We hope our Babysian Exploration will lead us beyond expectation and into the Future of Flavor.

Wild Wishes,

PS. It should be noted that while Philadelphia Style Ice Cream is a staple of the Philadelphian Ice Cream Scene, almost half of our menu is Vegan and made with our own dairy-free Coconut Cream base. Most of the flavors mentioned here are made in both formats, and will be appearing regularly on our rotating menus for the next few months. Enjoy!


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