A large part of immersing yourself in a local culture while traveling abroad is exploring the native cuisine, and what better way to do that than by visiting some of the best restaurants in the town? Sample a variety of Jamaican dishes and eat like a local while discovering the flavors that make Caribbean cuisine so savory and delicious! Here are some of our favorite spots to delve into Jamaican cuisine.

Jamaican cuisine is known for its savory taste and diverse fusion of techniques and ancestry.

Zimbali’s Mountain Cooking Studio 

Zimbali’s Mountain Cooking Studio, located in Negril, Jamaica, exemplifies farm-to-table authenticity, making for a proper introduction to Jamaican cuisine! Set in a cozy, warm environment and packed with organic ingredients, there are plenty of unique options that are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Scotchies Jamaica

Located in Montego Bay, just a 5 minute drive from Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa, Scotchies is an absolute paradise for barbecue lovers. Their delicious jerk chicken, pork, and other authentic Jamaican options are cooked on barbecue logs, bringing out a distinct array of flavors. With an outdoor tiki-inspired setting, Scotchies is a can’t-miss location on your trip to Jamaica.

The HouseBoat Grill

Also located in Montego Bay, The HouseBoat Grill boasts an incredibly unique atmosphere for an experience like no other. With indoor, waterside, or top deck seating options, you can get up close and personal with Jamaican flavors by sampling their constantly rotating menu. Their daily happy hour on select local brands also presents an excellent opportunity to dabble in some Jamaican beverages from the area as well!

Jamaican food has been shaped by a melting pot of multiple culinary traditions.

Fireman’s Lobster Pit

Right on the coast of Negri you’ll find Fireman’s Lobster Pit, serving the freshest shellfish and seafood in town! They’ll even let you select your own lobster fresh from the cages. While serving up plenty of Jamaican flavors from their beachside location, shellfish is their must-try specialty. One of the perks of being on an island is access to the freshest seafood available, caught by locals from their very own backyard.

Juici Patties

For a quick bite at nearly any time of day, try Juici Patties, located in multiple locations all over the island. A quickly growing fast food restaurant native to Jamaica, Juici Patties serves a homemade selection of Jamaican Patties. Needless to say, you can’t visit the island without trying one of the most popular local staples in Jamaican cuisine! Their menu is brief and specialized, consisting of nothing but their selection of patties and a handful of other local favorites.

When sticking with the local favorites, there’s almost no going wrong with Jamaican food.  Eat where the locals eat on your next visit, and watch your taste buds go wild. With spices and recipes unique to their own culture and identity as a nation, you can’t say you’ve traveled to the island until you’ve tried it!

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