Got the bachelor/ette-party-planning blues?? Try a brew tour and visit the best and newest craft breweries in NYC with City Brew Tours! Here are five reasons that a beer tour is a great option for any bride or groom to-be before the big day:

1. Breaking the ice

One of the hardest parts of coordinating a bachelorette party can be bringing all of the bride’s special people together, while seeing to it that they are all comfortable and able to gel seamlessly — a good time for all her dearest friends will be a good time for the bride! It’s to be expected that not everyone in the bridal party will have as strong of a connection with each other as they do with the bride-to-be. Therefore, having a way to break the ice and set the right tone for the group is crucial. And what better way to bond than over a beer? A brew tour is a good way to create a relaxed and open vibe between the ladies in the bridal party, and it’s the perfect environment to create new bonds, reignite old ones, and make those that are going strong even stronger!

2. Variety

With all of the different personalities and preferences floating around, it can be hard to find something that will please everyone. But with such a broad variety of beers to try, there’s sure to be something to tickle everyone’s pallets. If one person likes citrus, the other likes coffee, and another likes hoppy… no sweat! There will be options to keep all of them happy. Even those pesky beer-naysayers will almost always find something on the tour that changes their mind, because you know what they say: If you don’t like beer, then you simply haven’t drank enough beer.

3. Food

You’re bachelorette is going to get hungry! At some point in the night, you’ll have to eat. And when everyone’s ready to chow, you’ll be able to hit two birds with one stone on your brew tour by incorporating a meal stop! Replenishing those bellies doesn’t even have to interrupt the fun — you can grab some yummy grub without missing a beat by seamlessly incorporating a beer and food pairing into your escapade.

4. Goodie bag:

Your group may be a bit old for tootsie rolls and kazoos, but that doesn’t mean everyone can’t still go home with something! On a tour, you’ll be able to explore the behind the scenes of a brewery and get a firsthand look at how it all works. You’ll learn about the brewing process, beer history, and you’ll be able to grill a beer-expert all night with any other questions that may arise. You’ll have a group of happy connoisseurs by the time the night’s over. This way, not only does everyone walk away with a fun and memorable experience under their belt, but new skill and a breadth of knowledge to take home as well!

5. Great places to stay nearby:

Hilton Brooklyn New York is located six blocks from the Barclays Center and offers on-site dining, event space, and large guest rooms & suites perfect to host larger groups for a special occasion.

Hampton Inn Brooklyn Hampton Inn Brooklyn/Downtown is nestled in at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge and on the corner of Flatbush Avenue Extension and Tillary Street.  Take advantage of the 23rd-floor Skyline Terrace with cozy indoor seating and outdoor lounge chairs.

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