A visit into the Florida Everglades will be the most wild adventure you experience in Central Florida. The Everglades start here!

After a short 45 minute drive from Orlando’s major theme parks you will arrive at Wild Florida!

Wild Florida Airboats and Gator Park is more than just an airboat tour. They’ve got a Gator and Wildlife Park, the Chomp House Grill, and more ferocious fun in the Middle of Nowhere!

Their airboat tours are safe and fun for all ages! Each of their airboats are U.S Coast Guard certified, each captain holds a Master Captains License and safety is their number one priority! Children and adults will enjoy a tour of the Everglades, seeing Florida as the early pioneers did in the 1800s. While on the airboat ride keep your eyes peeled for the chance to see alligators, eagles, turkeys, deer, tons of bird species, and much more!

The 30 minute airboat tour is perfect for their younger guests. During this tour you get to travel about 1/2 way through 100,000 acres of protected Everglades. It is just enough time to take in and appreciate the true beauty of “real Florida” and keep the younger friends attention.

The 1 hour airboat tour is their most popular and definitely best suits their family and adventurous guests. During this tour you get to explore most of the 100,000 acres of protected Everglades. The captain of your airboat is able to stop and educate you on more of the wildlife and travel deeper into the marshy areas with this tour.

The fun doesn’t stop with just an airboat tour! Each airboat tour includes free admission into their 15 acre gator and wildlife park. The park is home to over 200 animals from Florida Native’s to Worldwide Exotic’s. Guests of all ages can enjoy the petting zoo and walk through the bird aviary. They also encourage all of their guests to visit all 3 of their shows through out the park. The exotic animal show is a very interactive and fun show where guests can get up close and personal with animals and even take a photo with Fluffy, their alligator. The Crusher show lets guests see their training in action with a 14ft 65 year old alligator. The trainers give an exciting demonstration of how they enrich and build relationships even with the biggest and baddest of our animals. Last, but not least is the Gator Feeding Show. During this show you will see gators jumping out of the water for food, coming up on land to feed, and you really get to see up close how powerful their bites are. Although their shows are fun, you will never see gator wrestling or unnecessary restraint of animals! They want to focus on education over entertainment and promote their guests to make connections with animals with inspiring education and conservation.

Wild Florida is a feast for the eyes and the soul, but they haven’t forgotten about your stomach. The Chomp House Grill turns out some of the best barbecue around! Their kids meals include items like hot dogs, sliders, and chicken tenders. For those who eat all of their meal, indulge yourself with a soft serve ice cream cone or cup with several different flavors to choose from!

Come visit Wild Florida soon for an unforgettable half day experience!

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