As the birthplace of renowned artist Carlos Vives, come and learn for yourself why this Colombian singer-songwriter pulls his greatest inspiration from this corner of the world, its beaches, its people, its nature and greatness. Sierra and sea in one place are at your fingertips. Book now at our Hilton Garden Inn Santa Marta, soon the Hilton Santa Marta, and enjoy the beaches of Santa Marta.

Santa Marta is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Colombia. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

The joy of the beach, breeze and sun calls you in Taganga. You can choose to spend a calm day with good food, between family and friends on your beach. You can also choose to take a 20-minute walk or a 5-minute boat ride and visit Playa Grande. This fishing village has a special charm and attraction. Its bohemian and magical atmosphere has made it one of the best places to dive in Colombia, both for beginners and for those who are more experienced. Taganga offers the best sunsets you will see in your entire life.

Playa Granate
If you are looking for a slightly more private and dreamier beach, we recommend Playa Granate. From Taganga, you can take a boat and in 25 minutes you will be in what will feel like a spiritual retreat thanks to the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of this beach. If you are going to visit this beach, you must bring food and beverages as you will not find restaurants or commercial venues there. Remember to pick up your trash and take it with you to keep this beach clean.

Playa Blanca
Here you will not only enjoy and rest from the daily hustle and bustle in the sunlight with a beer in your hand, but you will also be able to appreciate Colombian marine biodiversity within its famous aquarium. You will see dolphins, sharks and sea lions. You can reach this beach from Playa Rodadero by taking a 20-minute boat ride.

Pozos Colorados
Close to Simón Bolívar International Airport, you will find this spectacular beach with soft sand and divine waters. There are no shops here, only you and nature. Get ready for a day of full tranquility and sun at Pozos Colorados. You could even take a book to catch up on your reading. If you feel like doing something a bit more active, we recommend you try the paddleboard as it is the most idyllic place to do it given its gentle waves.

Tayrona National Park
Whether you plan to go with friends, family or just a partner, the best plan of all is to visit Tayrona National Park. A diversity of pristine beaches, biodiversity and pure nature characterize this sanctuary. When walking through this park you will breathe pure life and become amazed as you bear witness to what nature is capable of creating. You can spend the day or camp in this rustic and beautiful place, while enjoying activities such as hiking or horseback riding. The road includes slopes and, if it has rained, a mud road, which is why some prefer to climb on horseback. The most typical path lasts approximately 2 hours round-trip and in doing so you will feel like this place removes all the toxins from your body.

There are a number of beaches at Tayrona National Park that are worth the visit. Pictured: Cabo San Juan. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Playa Buritaca
The presence of certain natural phenomena can change your life. Here you can not only enjoy the fun of building castles and swimming at the beach with your friends and family, but also see firsthand how the Buritaca River flows into the Caribbean Sea.

Playa Bello Horizonte
It is one of the favorite beaches among tourists as you can not only relax on its golden sand but you can also find a lot of commerce and nightlife. It is worth mentioning how easy it is to get here by car or by bus from the center of Santa Marta.

Playa Palomino
Located two hours from Santa Marta, you will find this paradise for surfing and water sports in perfect and spectacular waters. Its strong waves make it the ideal destination for backpackers and excursion lovers.

Playa Wachakyta
Characterized by its mountains and rocky sand, you can only reach it by water and it is about 30 minutes from Tayrona Park. Its turquoise waters and coral life make it one of the most beautiful beaches in Santa Marta.

Playa Casa Grande
Here surfing is about going big or going home. It is the favorite beach among young daredevils for practicing all kinds of water sports given its strong swell. The landscape is something out of a movie, full of palm trees, white sands and turquoise waters, and it also has a lively nightlife.

Playa Sierra Nevada
The water temperature is perfect and its calm waters make it the ideal destination to get away from it all and enjoy time with your family. You can also explore the waterfalls and rivers that abound in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The tropical forest and beach will dazzle you and you will get in touch with the unique and natural beauty of Colombia, just an hour from the Santa Marta airport.

Those who get to know Santa Marta always return because its breeze and coastal hospitality complements its natural beauty. We await you at the Hilton Garden Inn Santa Marta to start your adventure through the magnificent beaches of Santa Marta.

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