In addition to beautiful beaches and a dose of laid-back Caribbean culture, visitors to Nassau, Bahamas, can put world-class fishing on their itinerary.

Whether you drop a line right off-shore or in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, a fishing excursion in Nassau promises a day well spent.

Just off the coast of the island, you’ll find a sea teeming with fish ready to provide the thrill of the catch. Many full-day charters even offer a “no fish, no pay” policy that guarantees you’ll catch fish or your trip is free.

There is an abundance of fishing charters available to book from Nassau, so customize your itinerary and tour according to your personal preferences. Make sure to book a fishing charter that includes all bait, tackle, and supplies you may need for the style of fishing you choose. On some trips, you may be able to snorkel or swim between catches, so consider your priorities as you book.

Whether you drop a line right off-shore or in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, a fishing excursion in Nassau promises a day well spent. Here are three types of fishing charters you’ll be able to choose from.

Off-Shore Reef Fishing
Join Hunter Charters for a reef-fishing experience that keeps you close to shore. On this trip, you’ll spend a laid-back day trolling for barracudas or bottom-fishing for snapper (a delicious find for dinner!). The boat may explore shallow waters or anchor near a reef, providing easy access to the abundant fish populations that reside in Caribbean waters. Off-shore reef fishing charters are ideal for those who want a busy day of catching fish and are also great for groups with children.

The Bahamas is a great place to set sail in a fishing excursion.

Many people don’t realize that the Bahamas are a hotspot for fly-fishing and bonefishing, but in fact, these islands are home to some of the most renowned fishing flats in the world (bonefish are actually native to the Bahamas). Bonefish and tarpon lurk in the shallows just off the shoreline. Book a fly-fishing trip in Nassau with Bahamas Fishing Charters to explore the flats and mangroves.

Deep-Sea Fishing
Deep-sea fishing is a bucket list item for many thrill seekers. A deep-sea fishing charter with a company like Born Free will take you a mile or more offshore to the underwater shelf where the shallower waters drop off and bigger fish swim by. On these trips, you’ll toss in a line and then will troll at a speed determined by what species of migratory fish you’re trying to catch. Treasured catches of deep-sea fishing expeditions include large fish like mahi, wahoo, or yellowfin tuna. You can even book a trip to catch blue marlin, which you’ll spot on the official seal of the Bahamas.

While you enjoy the fishing that the Bahamas has to offer, book your stay at Hilton Nassau.

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