It’s nearly impossible to feel like you’ve done it all in New York City.  There are 24,000 restaurants and 83 museums alone, which could fill a lifetime of itineraries in exploring this ever-changing, arguably, capital of the world.

Every year, it seems that the focus shifts from Manhattan to a nearby city or borough that has something new to offer.  Astoria, Queens, is one of those neighborhoods that is making quite a bit of noise over the last few years.  Similar to the rise in popularity of Williamsburg and Brooklyn, Astoria is burgeoning with restaurants and activities. You could easily fill a full-weekend shopping, dining and exploring the city without ever leaving this surprising Queens neighborhood.  If you are in for a summer visit, enjoy some of our top recommendations for a fun-filled escape.

With its rich history of cultures (Greek Italian, Bosnian, Brazilian, Afghan, among others), Astoria is filled with dining options that embrace most of the world’s continents and their offerings. In addition to classic spots such as Taverna Kyclades, the city’s new and trendy dining options such as The Bonnie and Sweet Afton are driving more and more young professionals to move to Astoria.  If you want to do coffee like a local, a Greek Frappe is a must and can be found at most Bodegas throughout the city.

For outdoor imbibing, the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden is the perfect stop for a variety of beers, including a more traditional Czech selection.  Pair your brew with pretzels, burgers or an extensive selection of other bites (including more traditional, pierogis).  Don’t be surprised to mingle with an international crowd; the more than 100-year-old beer garden is known to show international soccer matches such as the World Cup or concerts of diverse music genres throughout the summer months.

Astoria Park is the alternative to Central Park, a 60-acre park along the East River that offers tennis courts, a running track, playgrounds, green areas and a 54,450-square-foot outdoor pool, which was used for the 1964 Summer Olympics.  The pool is still incredibly popular in the summer time and is open to the public on a complimentary basis.

If you enjoy the search for unique digs in the boutiques of East Village, you will be pleasantly surprised with the shops throughout Astoria’s Broadway and 31st Avenues, in addition to others.  Loveday 31 has been open for more than ten years and is one of Astoria’s best-kept secrets for shopping vintage clothing and trendy accessories.

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