Our family recently enjoyed a fantastic week at Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort, and we loved every minute of it! The combination of beachfront views, warm weather and days by the infinity pool, punctuated by some amazing action adventures, made for a happy family experience for all.nWhile there, we experienced a number of outdoor adventures we highly recommend for families with kids.



Feeling the need to stretch from days lounging by the pool, we signed up for a zip line tour with Cabo Adventures. Truth be told, we didn’t look at the tour details closely and were glad to be surprised; not because it was shocking or scary, but because it was sooooooo fun! Our kids have been on zip lines since they were little and are old pros at latching in and jumping off into the air. But this experience had some great twists to make it even better.

In addition to the traditional zip lines across the canyons of the Boca de la Sierra mountains, we loved The Pendulum, which was basically a giant swing with a 20-foot free-fall and a wide arc across the ravine. Another highlight was Superman, the final zip line ride spanning more than a mile in length. For this one, riders are strapped into a harness lying on their stomachs with hands out front and feet behind, flying at more than 60 miles per hour, Superman style!


Another day was spent swimming with the dolphins, again courtesy of Cabo Adventures. As with the zip lining tour, they picked us up at the Hilton and brought us to their nearby facility, where we suited up for our Dolphin Swim & Ride Encounter.

The keepers were very thorough and informative, helping us understand how dolphins socialize and learn. It was amazing to touch their soft, rubbery skin and kiss their salty noses. We even had the chance to swim with them, holding their fins while they raced through the water. The kids opted to dive with them to the bottom of the pool, while we adults chose the surface option. Both were amazing experiences we will never forget.


Farming organically in this same plot for more than 20 years, a family created Flora Farms as a break away from the rigors of the daily American grind. Now a flourishing organic farm, restaurant and events space, Flora Farms is not to be missed. The younger kids will enjoy the turtle pond teeming with fish and swimming turtles, and kids of all ages will love the butterflies and colorful birds attracted to the sunflowers and gardens nearby. A highlight is walking the rows and rows of vegetables, planted to supply the nearby restaurant.

And wow, that restaurant! Serving some of the best dishes we had during the entire vacation, Flora Farms is truly farm-to-table with lunch creations like braised pork sandwich, mesquite roasted chicken, fresh arugula pizza with Parmesan and lemon olive oil. Love this place! (Oh, and Adam Levine from Maroon 5 got married here, so there’s that too.)


After the feast at Flora Farms, we felt a good walk was in order. We headed down the hill to the cobbled streets of San Jose del Cabo, a quaint town not over-run with tourist shops and dive bars. On Thursday evenings from November to June, entire blocks in the Arts District are closed to cars so visitors can stroll through the art galleries and boutiques. Restaurants serve up bites, food trucks offer their wares, and shops open up to showcase their wares.

We wound our way through a number of the smallish streets, wandering into galleries whose art enticed us for a closer look. Some of this art is quite good — world class even — and some is created by local artisans. Whichever you prefer, the San Jose del Cabo Art Walk experience is a great one, and we came home with a few choice handmade items.


With all these activities to keep you entertained, along with the beaches, swim-up bars, deep sea fishing and more, the Cabo San Lucas area has much to offer families regardless of ages or interests. Hope you have a blast!

This article was originally published by Hilton Mom Voyage.

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