One of our favorite spots here on the Houston blog is The General Public, and for good reason, too, they serve a mean cocktail and scrumptious chow in a space with the coolest vibe. On top of that, they’re in an epicenter of commerce over in City Center with decent parking and top notch walkability. And, you know, they also serve brunch – so, all around, they’re slaying the restaurant game. My favorite time of year is when these guys update their menu and release new items, and this year’s updates are delightful compliments to their set menu. Check out the items below and let your taste buds be your guide…


Tuna Nachos – If you’re a raw tuna type of person, these nachos are going to be your new jam. Refreshingly light with a tangy slaw sitting atop perfectly crispy wonton chips, tuna nachos don’t disappoint.

Kung Pao Lettuce Wraps – I’m digging this Asian flair that’s happening on these appetizers right now. Tender kung pao chicken interwoven with crushed peanuts and served “build-it-yourself” style with romaine lettuce and an Asian glaze – so good!

Charred Okra – What is it about roasting vegetables that takes them up a notch? It brings out their natural sweetness and caramelizes everything flawlessly – it’s the same with this charred okra. Delivered complete with a fun smoky flavor and a spicy remoulade, I couldn’t stop eating them.

The Daily Tots – I don’t know about you, but I’ve never met a tater tot that I didn’t like, so I love that The General Public displays their creativity through a daily tater tot. We munched on the soft-fried egg and loaded versions and both were equally delightful – but, then again, who wouldn’t inhale eggs and cheese and bacon?


Half Chicken and Frites – Chicken is hard to do right, y’all. It can easily go dry and not every restaurant knows how to cook it properly. However, I’d eat this chicken again in a heartbeat, and have raved about it on several occasions! Tender grilled chicken, perfectly crisp french fries, and a downright sinful bacon aoili – just say yes to the chicken, you won’t regret it.

Sesame Crusted Tuna Salad – As with the nachos, if you’re an ahi tuna enthusiast, you’ll adore the marriage of flavors in this salad. Sweet oranges, napa cabbage, a merriment of fresh veggies and a splash of ginger-sesame vinaigrette mingle with the tuna to make this salad both light and satisfying simultaneously.

Crab and Shrimp Roll – Take me back! Oh, the lobster roll has met its match. A buttered challah roll filled to the brim with thick chunks of crab and tender shrimp served with fries and the cutest box of Old Bay you ever did see. Squirt some lemon on top and dig in – it’s reminiscent of a warm summer day in Boston.

Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad – Sometimes you just want a really good cobb. The General Public’s is up there with my favs; the bacon is crisp, the veggies fresh, the avocado ripe, and their blue cheese dressing is the final compliment with its hints of lemon and herbs.

Italian Grinder – Sandwiches, especially Italian sandwiches, aren’t easy to come by down South. Having lived in New England for a few years, I’m pretty hard on any sandwich that claims it’s truly Italian. This grinder, though, is the real deal. Premium Italian meats and cheeses doused with high quality olive oil, piled high with crisp veggies on a toasted roll and fries on the side…I’d like fourteen to go, please.


Dark Chocolate Pot de Crème – Every meal needs a sweet ending, and you can’t go wrong with rich dark chocolate crème. Accompanied by tart berries, crunch cocoa nibs, and a tangy raspberry rum sauce, make sure to dive into the jar face first.

You’re salivating and ready to eat, I know, so get out there! Head on over to The General Public today and make sure you tell them that Hilton sent you! For additional articles, offers, and ideas to inspire some Houston dreamin’, head on over to

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