Austin has long had a reputation for good times, great music, and friendly people. The last 10 years have also seen a revolution in food and drink. From world-class cuisine to dive bars and food trucks, every year brings bigger, better, bolder offerings to those lucky enough to live here or savvy enough to visit.

The best part is that, even though Austin is certainly trendy and fashionable, the food scene here is not about trends or fashion – it is about the craft. The cooks and bartenders here don’t compete to see which venue makes the most money or who gets their face on screen. They want the bragging rights that come with being the best. It’s about authenticity, taste, and a humility which is half not taking yourself too seriously (Keep Austin Weird, Y’all!) and half remembering that there is always more to learn and experience.

You can find that feeling all over Austin, and, if you’re downtown, you can find it on the first floor of the Embassy Suites Hotel: @SOCO Bar + Bites. We are “The Tasting Room of Texas”, and Austin craft is what we do.

Our menu is not huge, but, like the food trucks and chef-driven restaurants that have spread Austin’s fame, the food we offer is expressive of our dedication. Getting the details right is important. Executive Chef Sean Durkin makes sure our carne asada is marinated in-house for 48 hours. The green chili queso is made to order with a selection of toppings which make our queso your queso. The bar carries on these passions. Our dedication to heritage bartending means a selection of 40+ beers brewed in and around Austin, the perfection of local classics like the Mexican Martini (for which we are rapidly becoming famous), and a bar staff trained on pre-Prohibition cocktail standards. Bar manager Christopher Lyttle (watch his work on the video above) will soon open his staff trainings to the public because Austin is like that.

Austinites geek deep into the things we love, but we’re not pretentious or exclusive. We’re super fans exploring the citywide VIP section at the every day mega-convention that is Austin. You should check us out.


*Video courtesy of Embassy Suites by Hilton Austin Downtown Town Lake

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