Natalia Rodriguez, professionally known as 2BLEENE, is the youngest artist teaming up with Hilton during the Hilton Carry On Puerto Rico Sweepstakes. Her artwork ranges from vibrant murals to intricate, detail-oriented graphic design. Her artistic journey began just a few years ago, when she caught onto the fashionable trend of placing stickers on laptop cases. Instead of buying one, she designed her very own in the likeness of a flower, immediately catching the curious eyes of her peers in graphic design school. The response? Overwhelming support and admiration. Ever since, Natalia was inspired to continue painting and creating, transforming her career into what it is today.

After attending an art festival and witnessing the incredible murals her peers were creating, Natalia was inspired to experiment with murals of her own. “Here in Puerto Rico we have a huge event, it’s kind of like a Miami Art Basel, but in Puerto Rico. I just became fascinated by all the artists painting live, big walls, so I just wanted to do that one day,” Natalia recalls of the life-changing experience.

Before she knew it, Natalia was tasked with a wall to paint her very first mural. While intimidating at first, she was driven by the endless possibilities and power to transform this blank wall into something magical. Natalia explained “My favorite part is just finishing that mural and that big wall and just taking my step back and just looking at this huge piece that I just created. So gratifying.” Today, her murals can be found all over Puerto Rico, and her graphic design work allows her to help reinvent and portray local businesses in an innovative and artistic light. This isn’t Hilton’s first time partnering with the young artist, as Natalia’s created custom artwork for Hilton in the past. Just as we view artists like 2BLEENE as a staple in Puerto Rican culture, she sees Hilton Hotels quite the same. “To me Hilton is part of the culture. It’s fresh, unique, and tropical. Just like Puerto Rico,” says Rodriguez of her relationship with Hilton.

To this day, Natalia’s favorite thing to paint is flowers. Her strong attention to detail, versatility, and conceptual thinking allow her to create pieces that are explosively colorful, richly textured and in every way marvelous. Besides flowers, 2BLEENE experiments with art inspired by her experiences and her environment.

2BLEENE begins her design process entirely by hand, boldly experimenting and implementing her creative capabilities. “I do not project at all, I start my work from scratch. I usually do a huge blue duct tape and just straight up do across against the wall and start sketching. I do it all from scratch,” says Natalia of her painting process. Her carry-on bag for the Hilton Carry On Puerto Rico Sweepstakes was inspired by the rich flora and fauna found in her native home, Puerto Rico. “I love being a Puerto Rico citizen. I think it’s very important to let the world know that we are going through a lot, but we have so [many] beautiful things to offer. So I always try to implement the beautiful fauna and flora that we have here in Puerto Rico and show people that we have a lot to offer,” 2BLEENE elaborates. She exercises delicacy and passion to create vibrant art, inspired by her own personal style. To get the chance to win 2BLEENE’s beautiful bag and a free trip to La Isla del Encanto for yourself, be sure to participate in Hilton’s Carry On Puerto Rico Sweepstakes.

Follow Natalia Rodriguez on Instagram at @2bleene.

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