Born in Santurce, Puerto Rico, Eduardo Cabrer is an acclaimed artist among Puerto Ricans and the world alike. Cabrer received an education in the arts at the University of Miami followed by University of the Sacred Heart in his hometown of Santurce, finally completing his master’s degree in plastic arts at George Washington University in Washington, DC. Today, his art is exhibited across Puerto Rico and beyond.

Eduardo Cabrer's bag for Hilton Carry On Puerto Rico. Photo courtesy of Matador Network.

Known for his innovative approach, Cabrer is constantly searching for new and unique ways to express ideas. His artistic ability extends far beyond simply painting, as he’s a gifted sculptor and creator of various objects as well. A man of many talents, his ability to experiment with various mediums, combining acrylics, pastels, resin, tapes, and enamel over steel, canvas and wood, is simply unmatched. “My favorite part about painting would be the risk. It involves the accident. It’s sort of that adrenaline rush that involves the painting process.” says Cabrer.

Eduardo’s art is greatly inspired by his everyday life, which elicits emotions and ideals he later captures through his work. For Cabrer, each piece is an emotional experience, allowing him to gain a more concrete understanding of his life, identity and surroundings with each brushstroke. Oftentimes, the artist’s personal ideals and beliefs can be found on the canvas, without needing to say a word. “To become an artist, I usually say it’s less expensive than going to a psychiatrist,” Cabrer notes, “but it’s actually, I love the colors, I love the art surroundings. It’s my way of sharing who we are, that nostalgia.”

Needless to say, Eduardo is not one to fear experimentation, especially in helping him express his emotions through art. He refers to his artwork as pieces of his identity that define him based on his own experiences. “My process is usually triggered by everyday life, objects or snippets, words I hear in conversations or walking around,” Cabrer explains “From there I let it grow and reach out into different objects that I then try to use them as a link to try to create that same memory that was triggered to me.”

As a child, Cabrer recalls visits to the Caribe Hilton with his family. A partner in Hilton’s Carry-On Puerto Rico Sweepstakes, Cabrer’s carry-on bag is emblematic of Puerto Rico and his sentiment around his dear homeland. He united a Hilton classic, the Piña Colada, with the unique characteristics of his island in order to create an extraordinary piece. “The pina colada, it’s linked to the history of Puerto Rico. It’s linked to the history of the Caribe Hilton,” says Cabrer, “It was created there and it’s the official drink of Puerto Rico. Again, it links to who Puerto Ricans are.” Get the chance to win Eduardo Cabrer’s magnificent creation and a free trip to Puerto Rico when you participate in Hilton’s Carry On Puerto Rico Sweepstakes.

Visit to learn more about Eduardo’s work and follow him on Instagram at @eduardocabrer.

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