Ideal for the whole family, Barbados is a beautiful Caribbean island that offers something for everyone from the sun, crystal-clear cobalt sea and the powdery soft sands to fabulous family-friendly resorts, mouth-watering Bajan cuisine and a wealth of activities. Of course, the question isn’t whether to go, it’s how to take advantage of it all – this ultimate itinerary for families can help you enjoy the Barbados vacation of your dreams!

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By staying at a full-service resort like Hilton Barbados, you can wake up early to make the most of the day, starting it out right by indulging in a decadent session at the spa, taking an outdoor yoga class or simply sipping your coffee in peace, gazing out at the glistening expanse of the turquoise sea while the kids enjoy activities at the kids’ club.

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Complete the perfect morning by visiting Atlantis Submarines Barbados in Bridgetown. It’s a great way for the entire family to have fun together while learning about what’s underneath the waves as one of the popular Barbados excursions among families. A 90-minute tour will bring you underwater, diving down in a real submarine to view a vibrant reef home to a wide range of native fish and coral species.

A real-life pirate adventure and a delicious meal is a wonderful way to spend lunchtime on a Barbados vacation, something that’s sure to please the kids and kids at heart. Cruise aboard the Jolly Roger I which departs right from Bridgetown, providing one of the top family-friendly Barbados excursions, complete with planks to walk, pirate sails, rope swings and a BBQ buffet – Jolly Roger rum punch included for the adults. The captain and crew will be dressed in pirate garb welcoming you aboard the memorable pirate-themed cruise that also includes stops for swimming and snorkeling at the Bajan Queen shipwreck among coral, colorful fish, rays and turtles.

Beef Roti is a popular lunch dish in Barbados. (Photo: Shutterstock)

If you still have energy to spare, one of the top adventures on Barbados is a tour of the Harrison Caves, and its Tram Tour takes just an hour to complete. It’s an unparalleled journey underground, bringing the sights and sounds of waterfalls, streams, stalagmites and stalactites.

Needham’s Point Beach.(Photo: Shutterstock)

After a busy day, relax on the powdery white soft sands of Needham’s Point Beach – one of the largest on Barbados located right in front of Hilton Barbados. It’s edged by a reef that nearly creates a natural swimming pool from the ocean, providing the perfect way to spend the late afternoon hours soaking up the sun and perhaps taking advantage of outstanding snorkeling right offshore. This also happens to be one of the top spots on Barbados for witnessing one of the island’s glorious sunsets, so be sure to stick around until the sun goes down.


Grabbing dinner at the resort buffet is always a great option. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Options for tasty Bajan fare for dinner can be found at restaurants throughout Barbados.This evening, you might want to take advantage of a themed buffet at your resort, dinner at the Hilton’s Lighthouse Restaurant can be enjoyed with views of the lighthouse and the sea. Or, if you’re here on a Friday, consider sampling flying fish, the Barbados specialty at the Oistins Friday Night Fish Fry, complete with live reggae and Caribbean dance.

There’s truly no better way to spend the day with your family while maximizing your stay in an unforgettable Barbados vacation. You can learn more about Barbados by visiting our Barbados guide right here.

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