Fall in love with the culture of Little Havana.


The smell and taste of cafecitos and cigars, the roar of rumba and religious practices, the familiar faces of the fruit or maní tostado vendors, painters and artisans are all experiences on the Little Havana tour, where the vibrant, Cuban community bring creativity and meaning to every corner of the neighborhood.

Walk along Calle Ocho and rediscover their traditions, and see how they converge and interact in such a unique and fun way. Cubans brought the Cuban salsa and cha-cha-cha, mojitos, dominoes, the Cuban sandwich and the finest cigars, and you can try them all.

People chatting on sidewalks, at storefronts and at cafecito counters while debating with anger and yearning their personal stories about Cuba and their new life in Miami and Little Havana. An exiled community that came looking for a new start in the United States, and new generations born in America that had grown up hearing stories and eating guava pastries. Some visitors are sure to get emotional while seeking out their family's heritage. In the end they learn that they are more Cuban than they had realized, and our guests leave with a little of that Cuban culture as well.

Painting in Little Havana

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