Honeymooning is a tradition as old as time, where newlyweds are given the opportunity to celebrate their marriage and enhance their relationship with an absolutely perfect romantic getaway. Take this sacred alone time with your soulmate to bond over Mai Tais under the hot Caribbean sun, somewhere on a white-sand beach in the Dominican Republic. From the consistently tropical weather year round to the inherently passionate atmosphere that seems to encompass the island, there’s no better escape to truly enjoy the beauty of your new marriage.

If you’re searching for the most romantic resorts in Dominican Republic, Hilton La Romana, an all-inclusive adults-only resort is most certainly the answer. Besides the ability to enjoy your stay surrounded by adults who are equally as interested in relaxation as you are, La Romana offers an endless array of on-site activities, restaurants, bars, and views. Select from 5 different restaurants and 5 different bars and lounges, ranging from quick, simple eats to intricate, gourmet fine dining. Enjoy live entertainment, theme nights, access to the hotel’s on-site casino, and a wide selection of exciting activities, all included with the price of your stay. Bask in the tropical paradise and don’t even get up from the sand to refill your cocktail. Both the beach and pool at La Romana are complete with waited service so your only obligation or responsibility is to relax and enjoy the company of your love. 

For adventurous couples, Hilton La Romana also offers on-site water sports including windsurfing, snorkeling, kayaking, and ocean trampoline jumping. Pump up your adrenaline and step out of your comfort zone to experiment with the different forms of fun in the sun! After all, couples that adventure together, stay together. Discover the vibrant wildlife that lies just beneath the waves, as well as the colorful coral and flora along the ocean floor. If water sports aren’t for you, consider the activities offered on land, such as baseball, volleyball, spanish lessons, or merengue lessons. Dive into Dominican culture and explore something entirely new with your partner. For those who truly crave relaxation, unwind during a couples massage at the spa.

Windsurfing is a popular water sport in the Dominican Republic.

Just outside surrounding the resort, explore the tropical jungle which makes an ideal romantic setting for some memorable sightseeing adventures. If you wish to explore the city, be sure not to miss Altos de Chavòn, which is a re-creation of a mediterranean village situated on a cliff overlooking the Rio Chavòn. Resembling something from a history book, this charming town is drenched in culture and utter beauty, and was built by Dominican native stone-cutters, woodworkers, and iron-smiths. If you’re interested in a day-trip to a neighboring island, you and your partner would enjoy exploring Catalina Island, just a water-taxi ride away. Discover the awe-inspiring beaches, underwater shipwrecks, brilliant coral reefs, and shopping from the quaint stores spread throughout the island.

No matter which activities best fit your interests as a couple, there is no place like the Dominican Republic to spend valuable time with your life partner. There is something inherently romantic and alluring about a honeymoon in the Caribbean that is simply unlinke to  anywhere else. 

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