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Stop 1: Barchef – 472 Queen Street West
This must-see, must-drink cocktail bar features exquisite handcrafted tipples crafted with in-house bitters and syrups. Often served bubbling, steaming, or even on fire, expect to be thrilled by the artistry and unique flavours.

Stop 2: 416 Snack Bar – 161 Bathurst Street
Small plates abound at 416 Snack Bar, with a diverse menu that changes regularly to reflect the ethnic cuisine at the heart of Toronto’s thriving food scene. Load up on falafel, Vietnamese duck, and octo bravas before moving on to peach cobbler and an all-Canadian cheese plate.

Stop 3: Porchetta and Co. – 825 Dundas Street West
In an unassuming storefront on Dundas Street West sits the best hot sandwich in Toronto. Watch as your porchetta is hand sliced (porchetta is pork that has been boned, seasoned with spices and slow roasted) before being topped with crackling (crispy pork skin) and stuffed inside a soft, truffle sauce-slathered bun.

Stop 4: La Banane – 227 Ossington Avenue
While dinner is worth a stop all on its own, La Banane is known for the most insta-worthy dessert in the city: The Ziggy Stardust Disco Egg. This veritable pinata of chocolate is presented whole at the table, where it is smashed open to reveal a treasure trove of chocolate truffles. But take those pictures first, it’s worth it for the ‘gram.

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