Curaçao is one of those Caribbean treasures that is undoubtedly worth visiting. Although less publicized than its neighbor Aruba, it’s a destination that is well-worth exploring. Located in the Dutch Caribbean just 40 miles north of the Venezuelan coast, this beautiful island is rich in historical and environmental attractions. Perfect weather, pristine beaches and vibrant architecture…what more could you ask for? Well, there’s a lot more on this island that make visiting an unforgettable experience. Here, we share four hidden gems in Curaçao you can’t miss.

Punda Vibes on Thursday
Punda is among some of the most beautiful inner cities in the world. Located in downtown Willemstad, it’s the perfect place for Instagramming quaint streets and alleys bursting with life, color and history. But aside from being a charming downtown neighborhood, Punda transforms into a lively scene on Punda Vibes, hosted every Thursday night. Each Thursday you’ll find live music, local artist displays, pop up bars, live dance shows and even firework displays over the harbor. This is an experience unique to Curaçao, and one that is definitely worth living. Luckily, Hilton Curaçao is situated just 15 minutes away, so you can be sure to stay close to all the action.

Swimming with Sea Turtles at Playa Lagun
Playa Lagun is one of those beaches that’s essential to check off your travel bucket list. On each side of the beach you’ll find high rise rocks with elevated stretches of land, allowing the water below to remain incredibly calm while creating a protective barrier from the strong winds above. Every morning the local fishermen bring their leftover fish guts to the beach, which in turn attract the area’s hungry sea turtles. Each afternoon, the fisherman return between 4 and 6PM, and the turtles swim back into the cove once again to eat. Admission to Playa Lagun is free, so be sure to take advantage of this unique experience!

Ostrich Farm Tour in Curaçao
Did you know ostriches are the world’s largest bird? They’re certainly fascinating creatures, so why not take a safari-style tour in a farm full of them? There’s a historical reason as to why there’s an ostrich farm on this island, and it has to do with the commercialization of ostrich eggs and meat in South America. The farm is also one of the largest breeding places for ostriches outside of Africa, so you’ll be sure to see your fair share of this large bird while on-site. Following your tour, you can feed and ride the ostriches, an adventure you absolutely do not want to miss. A definite bucket list check!

Klein Curaçao
If you like small, stunning, and secluded beaches, Klein Curaçao is the place for you. Located just 16 miles southeast of the main island, Klein lends itself as a great spot for both fishing and snorkeling alike, among many other activities. There is no natural shade on the island, so remember to bring your hats and plenty of sunscreen. To get to the island, there are a few tour companies that will take you by way of a variety of vessels, so choose wisely and you might even get to ride a catamaran!

It’s no secret that Curaçao is rich in culture, history and activities. Whether you’re looking to check out some of the islands most famous landmarks and attractions or enjoy some of the island’s hidden gems, we guarantee your experience on the island will be a unique one. Plus, its perfect weather will make you feel welcome every month of the year. Explore Hilton Curaçao and embark on your journey to the island of paradise!

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