Whether you’re traveling with toddlers or teens, there’s a myriad of exciting adventures for families to discover when visiting Aruba. The Caribbean island colonized by the Dutch boasts kid-friendly activities such as animal farms, beach parks, and thrilling desert tours the whole family will enjoy together. Explore the paradisiacal landscapes and delve into all the “one happy island” has to offer while on holiday.

At the Butterfly Farm, your kids will get to see a number of butterfly species up close.

Butterfly Farm 

Discover the enchanting world of nature’s prettiest winged creatures with a tour of the Butterfly Farm. Meander through the lush tropical gardens and spot a variety of butterflies from the Scarlet Swallowtail to the Blue Clipper. Admission includes a 20-minute guided tour of the site, so the whole family can learn all about the variety of butterfly species, including the metamorphosis process. Seeing first-hand the stages of life of a butterfly from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly will surely pique the interest of your little ones. Plan to visit in the daytime as visitors can witness the butterflies emerging from their chrysalis and taking their first flight in the morning. A fascinating encounter, it’s a must-stop during your Aruba family vacation!

Dream Bowl 

Seek a much-needed break from the sun and head to the Dream Bowl. Conveniently located in the Palm Beach Plaza shopping mall, just a 2 minute drive away from Hilton Aruba Resort & Casino, the beloved neighborhood spot is a favorite among kids, teens, and adults. Team up with the whole family and strike out in the glow in the dark bowling alley featuring 8 sleek, modern lanes (the bowling alley also has a shoe service so you can swap in your flip flops for more comfortable bowling shoes!). Parents can indulge in bites and cocktails at the modern sports bar while the kids enjoy gaming in the arcade room. The venue also includes billiard tables so you can have a game of pool with an ice cold beer after the day’s beach-filled Aruba activities. The bowling alley is open daily, so you can stop by any night of the week. 

Off-Road Safari 

Feeling adventurous? Climb aboard an open-air jeep and explore the rugged terrain of Aruba’s outback on an off-road tour. Unbeknownst to many, this exotic island teeming with palm-fringed beaches is also home to cactus-studded deserts, hence why they call it the Caribbean’s desert island. Explore this exotic landscape on an exciting bumpy ride while you soak up the island’s history and the natural beauty. The tour passes by the Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins, an abandoned gold mill from Aruba’s 19th century gold rush. Perched on the tip of the Spanish Lagoon overlooking the thunderous waves that lap at the cliffs, the ruins are a flashback to the times adventurers sought wealth and treasures coupled with stunning sights that are worthy of a photo!

The tour stops at various destinations including the Natural Pool, also known as “Curi de Tortuga” (turtles cove), which, as its name suggests, is a natural pool formed by rock and volcanic stone circles. Located in a secluded part of the island, it’s only reachable by 4×4 vehicles, horseback or by foot, giving you an off-the-grid feel if you’re looking for an adventure. The spot is also great for diving, a fun swimming experience if you’re traveling with teens.

Alto Vista Chapel, Noord

Another stop on the tour is the California Lighthouse and the Alto Vista Chapel. The former is a statuesque lighthouse named after a California steamship which sunk in 1891, the latter the first Roman Catholic Church on the island constructed in 1750 and rebuilt in 1953. The best part of the tour however might just be the ride on the safari jeeps, where your kids will love the wind-in-the-hair, adventure-filled ride through the exotic island that will feel like an India Jones flick.

Donkey Sanctuary 

Animal lovers will love a trip to the Donkey Sanctuary, where they can spend quality time petting and feeding these sweet creatures. The non-profit is a safe haven for donkeys which the local islanders used as transportation for 500 years until cars were imported and no longer found a need for the slower method of travel. Families who come earlier in the day can help out with chores like feeding the donkeys carrots and apples – their snack of choice! A tranquil activity to enjoy between beach escapades, the Donkey Sanctuary is a favorite for kids, and it’s free!

Enjoy these and many more exciting family activities just minutes from our kid-friendly resort, the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino.

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