Canada is known as a nice and polite country, but we also have some of the most extreme adventures from coast to coast. They will test your physical strength and agility, your nerves, and leave you wanting more.

Here are 5 extreme adventures to choose from while you’re planning your next trip within our beautiful country.

CN Tower EdgeWalk in Toronto
Toronto, ON

You don’t have to leave the city if you’re looking for an extreme thrill while you are in Toronto. If you’re ok with heights – or you just like being scared, the CN Tower EdgeWalk let’s you walk outside on one of the tallest structures in the world. One hundred and sixteen storeys above the ground, you’ll walk around the full circumference hands-free on a 5 foot ledge at the top of the tower that defines Toronto’s skyline. Attached to an overhead safety rail, you can lean over the edge to get a better look and really test your nerves.

Photo Credit: Canadian Tourism Commission

Heli-Skiing in BC
Whistler, BC

Untracked powdery snow and no lift lines are two the best reasons to try heli-skiing in Whistler, BC. Of course, the incredible rush of being someone that few people have been and carving your own path while you feel a rush of adrenaline will seal the deal if you are considering heli-skiing. Some people say that heli-skiing was invented in BC. For some of the best heli-skiing in the world, check out Whistler & Blackcomb mountains in BC. With over 200 ski regular ski trails to choose from, heli-skiing will take your ski experience to the next level. You can even capture your runs using a professional videographer. The ultimate ski experience deserves the ultimate brag material for social media!

Photo Credit: Destination British Columbia

Kiteboarding in the Prairies
Regina and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Get outside and try something a little different with kiteboarding. In the winter it’s like a crazy mashup of snowboarding or skiing and paragliding. In the summer, take it to the water in southern Saskatchewan and it’s a combination of wakeboarding and paragliding. Regardless, kiteboarding is a fast-paced test of your physical agility as you try to harness the power of the wind to get you going. Who knew that the prairies could be so extreme and thrilling? Suddenly all of the flat, open space seems like a benefit.

Swim with the whales
St. John’s, Newfoundland

You’ve heard about whale-watching on tours and even kayaking with the whales, but what about swimming with the whales off the coast of St. John’s, Newfoundland? This is not an experience to be taken lightly. Nor is it meant to disturb the carefully protected ecosystem that makes the east coast of Canada so special. It is the opportunity of a lifetime to dive right in and observe these gentle giants up close and personal with experienced guides and conservationists to guide you along the way.

Photo Credit: Finn Beales

Whitewater Rafting in Ottawa
Ottawa, ON

Did you know that Ottawa is one of the places for whitewater rafting in the world? You’re going to get wet, and it is physically taxing, but you’ll feel the adrenaline pumping as you make your way down the Ottawa River. The surrounding region has a number of different opportunities for you to conquer the river regardless of your skill level and experience. Take in Parliament Hill and museums one day and go on the ultimate water adventure the next.

Bonus: Jackalope

OK, so it’s not necessarily an adventures destination, but Jackalope highlights some of the best and upcoming extreme athletes from across the world. Keep an eye out because Jackalope happens in multiple locations across Canada throughout the year and is the biggest festival of its kind in Canada. You can watch or take part in skateboarding at a tailor-made skate park, bouldering, fixed gear biking, and base jumping in their precision skydiving competition.

Photo Credit: Yann Roy

Canada has some amazing extreme adventures just waiting for you to discover them. Which will you do first?

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