Saint Lucia is known for its beautiful, lush, mountainous landscapes and pristine cool waters. This island is truly a sight you have to endure. As you approach the island and The Pitons come into view, it becomes easy to imagine yourself in paradise. Not only is it known for its landscapes, St. Lucia also has many activities and things to do. Read on for a list of the top things to do in St. Lucia.

As you approach St. Lucia, the first things you will notice are The Pitons.

Sailing from Castries

Castries is the capital of St. Lucia and the island’s top cruise port. If you sit out on the bay you can watch the catamarans venture to and from shore for hours. An excellent way to spend your day in Castries is sailing! Hop aboard one of the many catamarans and take a joy ride around the island. This relaxing tour is a great way to spend part of your day sightseeing and tanning. This also gives you the perfect view of The Pitons.

Hiking up The Pitons

The Pitons are not quite mountains, since they were formed after volcanic magma cooled, creating these beautiful jagged peaks. Hiking up the Pitons is not an easy feat because of their steepness. Of the two Pitons, it is said that the larger Gros Piton is easier to climb. A tour guide is required to lead you through the trail and hikes can last a few hours, but the trek is well worth it. On your way up the volcanic plug you will want plenty of water and a few trail snacks. To reach the top of The Piton is a wonderous accomplishment because now you can look down and soak in one of the greatest views in the world.

Rainforest Adventure

There are many different ways to experience the rainforest in St. Lucia. Walk underneath the canopies for a more relaxing and informative tour or take the more adventurous approach and zip-line through the tree tops. You can get picked up from Harbor Club St. Lucia and driven straight to your rainforest adventure. Make sure you have the right gear for walking and expect to get damp because you are venturing through a rainforest after all. The photo opportunities here are endless, so don’t forget your camera!

The beaches in St. Lucia are perfect to sunbathe, swim, and take a nice walk.

The Beaches

The great thing about St. Lucia’s beaches is that they are all open to the public, so you don’t have to worry about getting access. Rodney Bay is a great place to venture for the best beaches on the island. Reduit Beach is a beautiful stretch of powder white sand sitting conveniently close to the shops and restaurants in Rodney Bay. Another great way to spend the day on the water is to rent a kayak or jet-ski! If you walk north along Rodney Bay you will bump into Pigeon Island, which is a national landmark as well as a more secluded beach for your enjoyment.

Venturing away toward the southern part of the island is the ever famous Jalousie Beach. Jalousie Beach has stunning blue waters and sits in the perfect spot between the two Pitons. The sight of this beach alone is sure to make you trip well worth it.

Dine in Castries

Castries offers an elevated dining experience for you to enjoy. The historic, Pink Plantation house is sure to satisfy your cravings. Sitting among the lush landscapes of St. Lucia, this staple provides creole cuisine with an island twist. The menu is ever changing but the fresh seafood, pumpkin au gratin and the guava cheesecake are fan favorites.


Downtown Castries is a hot spot for a classic shopping spree. La Place Carenage Shopping Plaza is open six days a week for your convenience. This mall offers duty-free shopping for local fashion and crafts. If you want to have a more authentic island experience head to the Castries Market. Here you can enjoy local fresh produce, spices and hand-made crafts. Bring home a souvenir that is reminiscent of the amazing time you had here in St. Lucia.

There is no shortage of things to do in St. Lucia, just pack your bags and come enjoy all the island has to offer. To learn more about St. Lucia, click here.

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