Aside from being a tropical paradise, The Bahamas is a place that welcomes the whole family: from the youngest kids all the way to their parents and even grandparents. After all, there’s no age requirement or limit to enjoy a beautiful day at the beach. However, The Bahamas offers way beyond just that. When you travel with kids, you want to make sure you give them the vacation of their dreams. Get your passports ready and pack your bags to explore The Bahamas through these family-friendly activities.

There’s no limit to enjoying a beautiful day at the beach, however, The Bahamas offers way beyond just that.

Lucayan National Park
It’s not uncommon for kids to find the outdoors and nature a fascinating topic. Luckily, the Lucayan National Park at Grand Bahama is an ideal destination for those exploratory minds who can’t get enough of nature. This 42-acre park offers plenty of activities including kayaking, horseback riding and trekking. Make sure to have enough space in your camera roll because you’ll want to take good pictures of the native birds, trees and fish.

Fort Charlotte
For those kids who are obsessed with history, Fort Charlotte is the place to be. This fort from the 18th century will impress all its visitors with its surrounding moat, a drawbridge, underground passageways, lots of dungeons and multiple cannons. Visiting the fort is an experience that will transport anyone to the past. And the best part? It is located in Nassau, a short walk from downtown and from the British Colonial Hilton Nassau, a top level accommodation in the island!

The Ardastra Gardens, Zoo & Conservation Centre
If you are a fan of animals, then visiting The Aradastra Gardens, Zoo & Conservation Centre is a must! It is located over 4 acres of tropical gardens, and is home to a wide range of native plant and animal species. These include the Caribbean Flamingo (which is considered to be the Bahamas National Bird), the Bahamian boa constrictor, and the Caribbean green iguana. Aside from being an amusing experience, getting to see the animals, kids are also taught about the importance of conserving and respecting animals and natural resources. Pro tip: make sure to go to the “Flamingo Experience”, a special show that celebrates flamingos and includes an entertaining narration of their story.

Pirates of Nassau Museum
This walk through museum located in downtown Nassau is an experience your kids will truly enjoy. There are wax figures that showcase how pirates lived at the time. Aside from being entertaining, this museum is very educational and informative. At the end of the walkthrough, there is a gift shop and then a nice pub where you can grab some lunch. Altogether, this is a great attraction for learning about pirate history and taking great pictures with the wax figures.

The Bahamas is without a doubt a relaxing tropical escape. Beyond just beaches and pools, the islands offer much more to members of the whole family. Take your kids to The Bahamas and plan your stay at the British Colonial Hilton Nassau for an unforgettable vacation!

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