The time has finally come! You’ve met your soulmate and fallen in love, so you’ve decided to tie the knot. Between the endlessness of wedding planning and nervous excitement for the big day, there’s no time to stress over a honeymoon destination. But, no wedding would be complete without a honeymoon, and beachy Barbados may be the place you’ve been seeing in your dreams since you were a child. With your partner by your side and all the incredible things Barbados has to offer, there’s no more perfect destination to seal your vows. Here are a few details and activities that make Barbados your ideal honeymoon getaway.

Barbados is a popular honeymoon destination in the Caribbean.

  • The main languages spoken in Barbados are English and Bajan Creole, so there’s no need to worry about anything getting lost in translation. This makes planning easier, as well as navigating around the island and interacting with locals in all kinds of scenarios. Almost everybody speaks English!
  • Barbados is referred to by many as the culinary capital of the Caribbean. This means if you and your partner are foodies who love experiencing new cuisines, you’ll absolutely love all the rich flavors Barbados has to offer! Packed with spices and flavor, biting into a typical Barbadian dish means savoring a piece of their unique culture.
  • Barbadian’s love food so much that they host the Barbados Food and Rum Festival each November! The festival consists of music, dancing, rum, and multiple chefs offering delicious dishes of their gourmet Barbadian creations. Thousands gather for the event, making it a lively experience. Dance the night away with your new spouse and live as care-free as the islanders do.
  • Did somebody say rum? Barbadians absolutely love rum, partly because it was first created on the island! Consider visiting Mt. Gay distillery for a tour of the historic facility where it all began over 300 years ago. Witness the distillation process, and even sit in on a rum tasting and compare the variety of flavors. For lovers of history and rum alike, the Mt. Gay rum distillery is a hit.
  • Visit Hilton Barbados Resort for a couple’s massage at the Eforea Spa. There’s no better way to heal your mind and body than with your partner by your side. With a gorgeous beach-front location, this is the perfect opportunity to bond and unwind while releasing the post-wedding stress.

    Barbados' landscapes create the perfect setting for a romantic getaway.

  • Complete with magnificent beaches and clear blue skies, the scenery in Barbados is ideal for a romantic getaway. Imagine watching the tropical sunset on the Caribbean Sea with the love of your life by your side and a cocktail in hand. There is something so inherently intimate about a sandy beach with crystal clear waters and the sun melting into the sea after a long day of adventuring
  • You know what they say, couples who play together, stay together! Enjoy an exhilarating experience with your choice of water sport, since nearly everything is offered on the island. From surfing to submarine tours, or even jet-skiing, take a leap of faith and try something new together! After all, it’s daring experiences like these that keep your relationship fresh and exciting.

There’s no better way to kick off the rest of your lives as a married couple than a tropical getaway in Barbados. Giving you plenty of opportunity to bond with your partner, while offering exciting activities to have boat-loads of fun, Barbados has it all. You’ll feel romance in the air as soon as you arrive.

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