Chapinero is a group of communities that offers a large variety of places to explore. The universities in the area create a youthful and vibrant atmosphere, while a relaxed and bohemian ambiance is also very present. Chapinero has many outstanding bars and restaurants

This area begins at calle 39 to the south and stretches to calle 100 in the north.

Here, entertainment and corporate life converge. This area is a prime example of Bogotá’s diversity. Get lost in its charming streets, avenues and secret corners.

Within Chapinero you will find exceptional cuisine: it’s a true “foodie’s” paradise. This area is a favorite among ex-pats living in the city and is often referred to as the Zona G or Zona Gourmet. Visit this popular spot where chefs from all over the world unveil their most delectable creations. Locals come to Chapinero to enjoy a glass of wine and discover restaurants serving international cuisine.