The heart of Cucuta and world's capital of "Salsa"

Nestled at the foot of the valley, nourished by the Cauca river and surrounded by mountains, Cali is the city known throughout the globe as the “Salsa capital of the world.

Juanchito is a popular area with the largest concentration of places to enjoy a night of Salsa. People from all of the world flock to Cali to experience what this unforgettable place has to offer.

Another of its major attractions is the “Cerro de los Cristales” (“Hill of the Crystals”). Climb the hill and visit the iconic “Cristo Rey” statue, standing taller than 85 feet and watching over the people of the Cauca Valley. From here, you can take in phenomenal views of Cali and its surrounding areas.

The Barrio de San Antonio is a tourist favorite. Located at the top of the mountain, this colonial and bohemian neighborhood showcases the city’s untouched history, preserving the essence of early Cali, founded by the Spanish in 1536.

If you wish to visit Cali, the Hampton Inn by Hilton is the best option.

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