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Glorious climate, fascinating history, and delicious cuisine make charming Curaçao an enticing island destination.

Stroll down the bustling streets of Willemstad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to explore charming cafés, upmarket shops, and architecture that dates back hundreds of years. Take a tour around Curaçao Landhuizen, colorful former Dutch plantations, many of which are open for public viewing. Explore the many interesting landmarks and experiences, including a 17th century synagogue, a floating bridge, and even an ostrich farm. Curaçao is a haven for adventurers: hike the 4,446-acre Christoffel National Park and uncover exotic wildlife and plants, or step inside Hato Caves, an astounding network of stalactites and stalagmites featuring 1,500-year-old cave drawings. Diving, snorkeling, and watersport opportunities abound, with underwater caves, reefs, and vibrant sea life just off the coast. The mushroom forest is a unique underwater jungle of mushroom-shaped star coral up to 10 feet in height. Take your kids to the Dolphin Academy to swim with dolphins, or discover hidden beaches along the serene coast. Head to Kenepa Beach and lounge under a Manchineel tree, or make your way to the Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival for some music. The island’s casinos, bars, cafés, and clubs offer lively music, local cuisine, and exotic drinks into the wee hours.

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