Aguascalientes owes its name to the abundance of thermal waters in the area. There are numerous stunning natural spaces, monuments, museums, spas and gardens, as well as the San Marcos National Festival, one of Mexico’s most famous.

This state is home to a range of tourist attractions, and the world famous Feria Nacional de San Marcos featuring shows, exhibitions, horse races and fireworks. The Monumental bullring is also found here. You might also like to visit the Museo Nacional de la Muerte (National Museum of Death), the Boca De Túnel Theme Park, San Marcos Island, the relaxing thermal baths at Ojocaliente and the stunning, colossal sculpture of the Cristo Roto (broken Christ). And that’s not all, this unique Mexican state is also the location of Pre-Hispanic archaeological sites including: El Ocote, Monte Huma, Jalpa and Mecatabasco. In Aguascalientes you can sample a wide range of internationally renowned dishes, from typical local recipes including Gorditas, Chiquiadas, Taco de Colores, Chaskas and don’t forget to visit the vineyards at La Hacienda de San Luis de Letras, Casa Leal and Santa Elena to taste the full range of local wine. There’s room for adventure in Aguascalientes, where you can explore the Sierra Fria on foot or by bike. Stay at the Hampton Inn Aguascalientes or Hilton Garden Inn Aguascalientes to discover everything this beautiful state has to offer