The City if the Jungle, Yopal

Derived from the indigenous word for “heart”, this Colombian landscape is sure to capture your own Corazón.

The landscapes of this beautiful place seem to come from another world. Its enchanting plains are the perfect destination for travel and adventure lovers.

Visit Yopal’s shopping centers, museums, night clubs, restaurants and much, much more. Stay at the Hampton Inn by Hilton Yopal with a prime location in Yopal. From the Bellavista lookout in western Yopal you can take in the landscapes of this beautiful city. Visit the Patinódromo, a symbolic feature of the city. Get swept away by its cuisine and traditional dishes like Pan de Arroz or delicious Arepas de Arroz. If what you’re looking for is hands-on adventure, rafting in the Cravo Sur River may be just the thing for you. Or maybe you want something a little more relaxing, like strolling in Resurgimiento Park.

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